Quick Information about Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have been around since the early 2000’s. However, they didn’t become really popular until 2016. In 2016, escape rooms started to become such a pop culture phenomenon that films were being made after them. There were four films created from 2017 to 2019 that had the title Escape Room.

Escape rooms require a group of friends to solve puzzles or to find clues in order to win the game. The contestants are locked into a room and they generally have to work together to escape. There are different types of themes for escape rooms. Each room could have a total of 2 to 10 players trying to free themselves from room. Normally, there are between 3 to 6 players for most games.

Different themes for escape rooms often include pirates, military, outer space and the all popular zombie theme. Vampires, horror and serial killer themes are also primary themes for escape rooms. What people like about escape rooms is the fact they have to solve puzzles, figure out riddles, find clues and avoid traps. This is the only way they can get out of the room before their time runs out. If their time runs out before they can get out of the room, then everyone loses.

Some escape room games have certain criteria for eliminating contestants out of a room. For example, if an escape room game player is eliminated by a trap, then they have to leave the room. People like to play the elimination challenge within escape rooms. It almost seems like they are really playing to survive. This gives people a big thrill and rush. It also adds to the excitement of the room. (https://www.escapologic.com/leicester-escape-rooms/)

Escape rooms are generally located in major metropolitan areas. Some rural parts of the nation might have them, but they are most often found in big cities. Metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, New York and Miami have a wide variety of escape room locations. Cities such as Columbus, Indianapolis and Kansas City also have escape rooms as well. There might not be that many escape room locations in these mid-sized cities, but they do provide this kind of entertainment. Escape rooms generally charge by group rates or they can charge per individual person. Normally, the rooms are less expensive to attend as a group. (https://www.escapologic.com/)

The coronavirus pandemic shut down escape rooms everywhere. They have been closed back in March of 2020 and many have not reopened since. The coronavirus pandemic caused escape rooms to lose their rising popularity because many people are not visiting them. Very few people want to be enclosed inside of room and risk catching the COVID-19 virus

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many escape rooms to go into the virtual world. Players are transported into a virtual world with their online friends and they have to figure out how to escape form various locations. Some people say the virtual experience is not better than the real thing. Still, many people are willing to play this version of an escape room because they enjoy the experience.