What are Escape Rooms

An escape room is a room that you are locked in which will only be unlocked when you have completed the challenge that has been set. This challenge usually involves several mini puzzles that need to be solved in order. There is usually a time limit of about an hour that you have to try and escape.

The amount of people that can take part in an escape room will usually be between two and eight. A wide range of skills is needed to solve the puzzles and so it is good to have several people that all have different strengths.

Escape rooms do not often involve physical challenges and so they are suitable for people of all fitness levels. Most of the tasks are mental challenges and they usually involve team work and problem solving. There are a series of clues that need to be followed and you can not usually move on to the next clue until the previous one has been solved.

The themes of the escape room can vary. Some of them have a horror theme which means that they might not be suitable for children, but you will be notified of any age limits at the time of booking. Generally speaking, escape rooms can usually be played by people aged twelve and over.

Some escape rooms will give you a limited amount of hints in order to help you solve the room. You will have to choose where to use these hints carefully, because once they are gone you will not get any more help.

Escape rooms have become an increasingly popular way to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays. They are also used as corporate team building exercises because one of the keys to solving the room is that everyone needs to work together.